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Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I a good parent?" There is no one place to find out where exactly you measure up or fall short. We recently partnered with Get ConnectDad and I can assure you, that if you ever had any doubts, here is where you can find your answer. Actually, the truth is, there is no written right or wrong answer, no test, just you and your heart and integrity and desire to be the best parent you can.

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I am big into essential oils. I use them for personal wellness on my body, in my home and to help my family daily. I make recipes for personal care  and diffuser blends, cleaning products,  laundry detergents and dryer ball scents in my home so why wouldnt I want to be able to use them by incorporating them into some good ol fashion play time. I take them with me wherever I go and reach for them before any type of medicine. In fact, I choose oil before asprin or ibuprophen. It's that effective! .

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 Lets face it, searching for things to do with kids has gotten pretty complicated. We have become so busy being busy, we miss the many great things happening right in our own community. Let's talk about being busy for a minute. We are a generation of doers, seekers and adventure explorers, yet, finding these places to go have become a bit of a challenge. It's about timing and being on the right social platform, at the right time, in the right place, with the right people?

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We all have had that moment when you say to yourself, I just have no idea what to get _ _ _ _ _. It happens. If your like me with lots of nieces, nephews, and extended relatives, figuring out what to buy can be overwhelming. I have compiled a list of some of the trending gifts from reasonalble to over the top and everything in between. Whether you are a super cool aunt, uncle, grandmother or grandfather there is something for every age. Its crunch time... get going! 


1-3 – Years old Imagination, hand eye coordination and

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Ahhhh …..those days of sleeping in or getting a full night of sound sleep are long gone. I loved being a teenager. My mom used to say, a mack truck could drive through the house and I would sleep through it. I never slept so good. I haven’t had sound sleep like that in years. Then again, I don't think I have slept soundly since the day my daughter was born. Does any mother every really sleep sound again? I can admit that I haven't.

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Every small business consistantly strives to reach the local residents that support their business. These small businesses depend on families in the community they serve to use purchase from, eat at, and frequent often. In the past, reaching out to the community  to promote an event was pretty easy. Posting an ad in a local paper was pretty simple. Create the ad, it runs, paper gets thrown out.  Today, the landscape has changed dramatically. As a small business owner, the list of the many daily responsibilities include marketing.

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Make ahead meals

Back to school means less time to get everything done that needs to get done. I have rounded up a few of our favorite quick meals. Most can be made in advance and frozen or kept until your ready for them. I do a majority of my cooking on the weekend. I do it all in one shot and it makes the week so much less stressful. This goes for breakfast, lunches and dinners. 


Egg Bake

(Prepare ahead, can be cut into squares, heated in micro or toaster over as needed) 

1 dz large eggs

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I never realized that becoming a skincare consultant could change my life. I've recently resigned from my 9 to 5 Mon thru Friday schedule and started working when I feel like it while helping others reach their dreams. I only wish that I'd discovered Rodan & Fields earlier in life! It's a great new lifestyle along with the best anti-age skincare regimens in existence. The products are miraculous and proven to treat all types of skin and skin conditions.

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It's summer.. right? A time to take it easy, unwind and try and take in a vacation with the family. Or maybe is this a time when your just settling into a new neighborhood,  in a new life. It could be a job relocation or maybe you are going through a divorce. Either way, it's a move that will change your and your children's lives. 

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You’re an awesome parent. You take your kids to swim lessons, encourage them in their favorite activities and make sure they get lots of affection and love. But being a good parent and being a good POOL parent are different. To that end, we are providing a list of tips and reminders on How to be a Good “Pool Parent” and Keep Kids Safe in the Water.

Check out these tips on what to do and what NOT to do when your kids are swimming.

Because, really, we just want to make sure everyone is having a GOLDEN experience and being safe!


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