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Aromatherapy Play Dough

I am big into essential oils. I use them for personal wellness on my body, in my home and to help my family daily. I make recipes for personal care  and diffuser blends, cleaning products,  laundry detergents and dryer ball scents in my home so why wouldnt I want to be able to use them by incorporating them into some good ol fashion play time. I take them with me wherever I go and reach for them before any type of medicine. In fact, I choose oil before asprin or ibuprophen. It's that effective! . So when it comes to playtime, I would much rather choose a product that aligns with my wellness practice. This aromatherpy playdough is so easy to make and can be made with a few ingredients, you probably already have at home.  Here is a non toxic recipe for aromatherapy play dough to help spruce up the day of a child who is at home sick...or maybe you want to create a fun rainy day activiity or even if you simply want  to have a blast making and playing with some sweet smelling, soul stirring,  or groove shaking smile making bring on the fun,  play dough making..... that not only looks pretty and smells great, it serves sensory needs too and will last for months. No harsh chemicals, expensive lens solution... no glue or other harmful ingredients.   Its easy, safe and lasts for months,  

Heres what you need: 


2 cups flour
2 cups colored water ( I chose purple but you can do a variety and scent them according to color too:-)
1 cup salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
5-7 drops essential oils 

Parchment paper

Trivet/heat resistant surface


Combine all ingredients, except for essential oils, in a large saucepan and stir until combined ( consistency of pancake batter).
Once combined, put over medium low heat. Using a spatula or wooden spoon,  continue to stir ingredients together until it starts to form into solid and work to form a ball. dont let sit keep pushing mixture around. once majority has begun to turn more solid turn off heat and continue to stir together careful not to over cook.  remove from heat  and hot pan onto parchment paper Note: Don’t overcook as it will lead to dry play dough.
cool on parchment paper. ( be careful of the surface
Once cool, knead... adding the drops of your favorite essential oil or blendsj.  knead until thoroughly combined. Cool completely before closing storage containers.

You’re done! Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for months of fun.  this recipe provides a good amount of dough. I rolled it out then rolled it up and cut it into 10 round pieces and they will be given out at my nieces 10th birthday party which is a spa party. Normally I store in the refridgerator, in a small glass jar which i prefer over a ziplock bag.

Recommended Essential Oils for kids: Wild Orange,  Lemon,  Lavender, Lime, juniper berry

I love making dough and i like individually Balance, Serenity,  Lime, Lemon, and On Guard as well ( especially with a sick little one) 

This was a lavendar color so I chose a relaxing blend of 1 drop lavendar, 1 drop vetiver, 1 drop sandlewood, 1 drop ylang ylang. 

This recipe is courtesy of our doTerra  Aroma Therapy Play Dough recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.