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Parenting on Purpose

Have you ever asked yourself, "Am I a good parent?" There is no one place to find out where exactly you measure up or fall short. We recently partnered with Get ConnectDad and I can assure you, that if you ever had any doubts, here is where you can find your answer. Actually, the truth is, there is no written right or wrong answer, no test, just you and your heart and integrity and desire to be the best parent you can. If you feel like you have been missing the mark, or want to do better but dont know how to start, you just choose to do it. Start today! Right now!  While,  we certainly aren't experts, I realized through my work relationships and my progress in the corporate world that surrounding yourself with like minded people, in this case, experienced parents, can only benefit you. Imagine sitting around your coffee table, with your circle of closest friends.. you are able to ask questions to those moms and dads that have already been through what your going through. Im not talking about sleep deprivation or loads of laundry building up, I'm bringing you more depth here, serious stuff.. the how to's.. how do you teach compassion, empathy, dicipline, bieng humble and respectful? In  52 Traits, you can find each of these important  traits we want  to instill in our children. Join me, in welcoming, Julian Caldwell to TheKidsTime.Com  along with his army of men and women, mothers and fathers, caregivers and grandparents, who, like you, are doing their best and/or want to do better and play a bigger part, in bieng a parent that is present!

Get ConnectDad provides tools and resources you can use to open the door for communication and connection within your entire family. You can dive into his Free onling Parenting Challenge and start today.  I did!