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Searching for kid friendly things to do?

 Lets face it, searching for things to do with kids has gotten pretty complicated. We have become so busy being busy, we miss the many great things happening right in our own community. Let's talk about being busy for a minute. We are a generation of doers, seekers and adventure explorers, yet, finding these places to go have become a bit of a challenge. It's about timing and being on the right social platform, at the right time, in the right place, with the right people? Do  you agree?  That's a lot parameters that have to line up just to stay in the know. With so many blogs, websites and apps, you have to do a lot of digging. Not just one or two places but many. It is daunting, complex and well quite honestly, confusing. We, at The Kids Time,  are working hard to bring all things family under one roof so when you have a specific thing your kids want to do, you have all you need and more right at your fingertips, where and when you need it . That's powerful! Someone once said to me, "at work, I run circles around my competition, I know my job inside and out and can adapt in any environment, I excel and strive to be the best in what I do, however, that being said,  I feel that when it comes to my role in parenting, I have to getter a better grasp on the who, what, when and where and if you can make me a better parent by giving me the tools I need to better manage my most important role, why wouldnt I want to be the best dad I can be; a resource like that is invaluable."  

Like him, we find ourselves many times asking that same question, what can we do today? Where can we go?  Is it kid friendly? .... The Kids Time takes the guesswork out and gives you a sense of certainty and confidence knowing that we have fielded the questions, sifted and sorted and bring you the best of family friendly. 

You may be moving to a new area, visiting relatives in an unfamiliar town or maybe you are a newly single parent navigating weekends with the kids, in any circumstance we are here to help make your life easier.