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The Kids Time is committed to helping you find things to do and places to go where and when you need it. 

As a trusted resource, we provide appropriate content that is always right for your family.  We understand that your time is valuable and very limited.  That is why we sort, sift and separate all of the noise so you don’t have to. We gather all your possible needs in an easy to access website and iOS app offering convenience and accuracy at the tips of your fingers. The only location aware, real-time, on-demand platform built to help you “parent like a professional”. Plan for today, a weekend getaway or some unexpected free time. Be spontaneous or plan ahead. Search for fun things to do, restaurants that are kid friendly, pediatricians, salons and so much more.  All filterable by categories you can choose. There are daily happenings, special events, camps, classes, attractions, discounts and giveaways offering you an opportunity to try new places, or revisit your favorites. Whatever your needs are, we welcome your whole family to use and discover new ideas and adventures at theKidsTime.com

Whether you are a first time parent, single parent, a grandparent, nanny or a really cool aunt or uncle, you can find great ideas and all your needs with a couple clicks. There's your time and then there's The Kids Time. Share the good news!

Discover together, any time any place, The Kids Time. 


Brooke and Michael Webb