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Q. When I try to log in, en error appears that says the account does not exist.

A. Be sure you activated your account. We sent you an email with a link. Be Sure to check your spam/junk folders. Click the link within the email to activate and be sure to add [email protected] to your safe sender list


Q. Is there a fee to post events?

A. No, Adding events is always free


Q. Is there a limit to how many events I can post?

A. No, post as many as you want. If its family friendly and kids can attend, post any amount you want.


Q. I created an event/ad/service listing but haven’t been able to find it?

A. All entries on the platform are reviewed by the publisher to ensure they are appropriate and fall within our Terms and Conditions. Be sure the box “Post Event” “Post Service” or "Post Advertisement” has been selected at the bottom of each page. This lets the publisher know the event is ready to be published. You will receive an email stating your event has been published.


Q. I am entering information and I am missing some information. Can I finish it later?

A. Yes simply save it


Q. My event was cancelled, how do I remove it?

A. Go to your dashboard manager, go to the event area, click manage, click edit, then go to the bottom and delete. If you plan to reuse it, simply unclick post event, and save event.


Q. When I try to log in an error appears stating account is in use.

A. Because we don’t kick you out, be sure you don’t already have a window currently open that is logged in. Close your browser and try again.


Q. There is a fee for guests to attend my event, can I still post it?

A. Yes, you can direct all transactions back to your own site. We do not process any vendor/business transactions or charges through the site


Q. I want to try the site before I decide if its right for me.

A. Absolutely, contact us and we will get you started with trial promo code.


Q. Can I use an entry I made a while ago.

A. Go to your dashboard manager, select the area, choose manage find your entry and update accordingly. Dates, addresses, etc can all be changed.


Q. My event is listed and there are errors How do I fix it ?

A. If it is published, you will need to contact us and request it by sending an email to [email protected]


Q. I have an event I want to post, can I post any type of event?

A. No. this is a family centered site therefore all events and content must beappropriate for families. Anything not appropriate will be deleted